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decormattersapp It is a part of large living space, or a rest space in an office building. Green can bring health and fresh feeling to people, so I use it to my focal point in there. I use the trendy colors furniture to design this modern living space. Location: San Francisco, Summer

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decormattersapp Adorable little playroom for children~ The toys and decor are meant to inspire creativity and child-like wonder. Download the link to our app from our bio to create your own designs!

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decormattersapp Refreshing outdoor living space. Perfect for a small backyard. The use of plant life amplifies the brightness of summer. To learn more, DM us here or download our app in the app store:

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decormattersapp Happy Sunday! Today we have a fun, relaxing entertainment room for winding down from the week's stress and spending time with loved ones. The unique furniture gives off a playful vibe to the entire room making it an even more enjoyable environment. Download the link to our app from our bio to create your own designs!

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decormattersapp Creative yet functional work space. The simplistic desk and chair paired with the art on the wall makes for an attractive overall concept. Download the link to our app from our bio to create your own designs!

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decormattersapp It is a dark and industrial style bedroom. It looks like the man style. I keep everything simple and organized, so you don’t need to clean there many times or spend too much time. Location: New York, Spring

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decormattersapp A very shiny and high reflective dining space. I use black and gold colors with metal and leather materials to present a fashion and progressive design with art deco style. The space can catch people’s attention easily and directly. Location: New York, Summer

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decormattersapp I try to use adjacent colors to design a comfortable and soft bedroom and wish you can relax and enjoy your sleeping time. White and wood material can bring the most nature, peace and quiet feeling to people. Location: Seattle, Fall.

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How it works ?

Visualize unlimited free design inspirations into your home

DecorMatters app offers free interior design ideas, including modern, contemporary, classic and transition styles, shared from notable interior designers, to help you design your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, office and garden, fast and easily.

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Search and view unlimited home furnishings into your design

DecorMatters app offers free features to edit free design inspirations, by adding, deleting, rotating and resizing home furnishing products, provided by in-app search engine with unlimited database, to help you convert designers' ideas into your home, fast and easily.

Collaborate your design with family, friends and professionals

DecorMatters app values the collaboration of home design with your family, friends as well as interior designers. You can get free consulting from interior designers, and share your design to family, friends and even social media with broader audience.

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Experience your desired product in local physical stores

DecorMatters app integrates home furnishing brands and local stores. Before making the purchase decision, our app directs you to physically feel your desired furniture, decor, lighting and art in the nearest store, conveniently.

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User Bella

An Easy Way to Make Your Home Look Better

Wow! I am loving this app! It is an incredible place for creativity. I absolutely love exploring interior inspirations here, I was attracted by so many amazing home design ideas and furnitures, this is absolutely best interior decorating app. So many freedom with designing. Love this app so much!

- Alice, San Jose

User Bella

Furniture shopping is made so easy

My apartment needed a makeover but I didn’t know where to start until I found this app. Furniture shopping is made so easy with their search engine and their interior designers helped me place art and decor in the perfect places.

- Roger, San Francisco

User Bella

Great tips and advice

I tried to use this app to redesign my bedroom. Lots of furniture and art to pick from. Their designer give great tips and advice.

- Miko, Union City