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12 Easy and Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition that you probably heard is something parents love to hate and hate to love. For first-timers, this popular Christmas tradition is based on a storybook, “Scout Elf,” which is about an elf who sits on a shelf, table, or any part of a family’s home to observe the children’s behavior during the holiday season, and is accompanied by a pixie elf fixture. The Elf flies back to the North Pole every night to report the kids’ actions to Santa as he builds his naughty and nice list picks. The Elf always returns before the children wake up and settles in a new part of the house every morning, which then turns into a fun hide-and-seek game for the children to wake up to. This may seem tedious for parents as it is one more task to add to their busy schedules every day this holiday season, but with our easy and funny Elf on the Shelf ideas, you and your family can partake in this fun family tradition with no added stress!

📷 Stacy Molter

Elf on the Shelf Sack Race

An inexpensive and easy Elf on the Shelf idea, especially for toddlers with an abundance of toys, is to use them as the Elf’s friends and line them up for a sack race made of brown paper bags. This is a fun way to let familiar faces in on the Christmas mischief with your Elf and a perfect introduction or welcome back Elf on the Shelf idea!

📷 Kristen

Elf on the Shelf Slipper Sled

Elves love sledding adventures during the cold seasons too. This funny Elf on the Shelf idea simply requires a slipper and stairs or any angled surface to create the illusion of sledding down a part of your home!

Elf on the Shelf Peeks at Christmas Gifts

We are all guilty of doing it, so give your Elf a break for peeking in this year’s Christmas gifts early! This Elf on the Shelf idea for kids will definitely get them energized in the morning to stop their Elf from peeking into all their gifts.

📷 Sarah

Elf on the Shelf Bubble Bath

Flying back to the North Pole every night can become a tiring task, so let your Elf relax and refresh in a bubble bath made up of a pile of mini marshmallows.

Elf on the Shelf Pancake Stack

This idea is delicious and adorable. Make a teeny-tiny stack of pancakes for your Elf to enjoy with your family on a cozy Sunday morning!

📷 Debra

Elf on the Shelf Drinking Syrup

This easy Elf on the Shelf idea is perfect for the days you do not have a lot of time to put something together. Simply place a straw in your syrup bottle for your thirsty Elf and you are done!

📷 Sarah

Elf on the Shelf Baking

Just like we bake cookies and leave them at the fireplace for Santa, your Elf can bake cookies and leave them for your family too!

📷 Melanie Stofka

Elf on the Shelf Goes Fishing in the Sink

This funny Elf on the Shelf idea gives your Elf something to do in his pastime. Although he may never see a real lake or ocean, he can enjoy fishing for Goldfish crackers in your bathroom sink! Your children will have a laugh when they walk in to brush their teeth in the morning and find their Elf fishing in the sink.

📷 Ashley

Elf on the Shelf Rock Band

Make the most of what you got in your kitchen cabinets to create this hilarious Elf on the Shelf idea! With a few cans, some pipe cleaners, and rubber bands, your Elf is ready to rock on!

📷 Jennifer

📷 Stacy Molter

Elf on the Shelf Gets Artistic

You know all those years you told your children not to play with their food? Well, this is the time where that does not apply. This silly Elf on the Shelf idea will leave a little surprise for your children in the morning when they ask for breakfast or a snack for school.

Elf on the Shelf Plays Tricks

This funny Elf on the Shelf idea will surely get your children questioning if the next Oreos they eat have toothpaste in them.

Elf on the Shelf Grating Snowman

Setting up your Elf to look as if it is grating a snowman with a cheese grater is one of our favorite easy and funny Elf on the Shelf ideas that will definitely get everyone laughing!

We hope that these fun and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas put a smile on your face and inspired you to continue this holiday tradition with your children this year! Are you also excited to decorate your home for Christmas this year, but want to see where everything should go beforehand? Our free DecorMatters app is your go-to tool for designing your home and virtually try before you buy!

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